Back bend & heart opening

  • Saturday 17 February 2024 from 5:00 to 7:30 pm
  • 13 registered students

Workshop in the studio or online. Fee 35 euros, please pay in advance for the online version and bring some check or cash for the studio version.

Explore the opening of the heart, physical and emotional. Open your shoulders and hips to advance your spine extensions and develop a harmonious back bend. In complete safety and with tools accessible to all !
Proceed in stages in extending the spine, release your shoulders and hips then let the spine soften with the breath.
A progressive workshop in which the approach is methodical and gradual.

Bring a brick, a strap and a wheel in addition to your usual mat.
Registration :

Catherine Pelle
Stéphanie Diperi
Myriam Combet
Agnès Koenig
Mélanie Breda
Christelle Trehan
Samir Chergui
Laetitia Briand
Camille Proust
Véronique Hemery
Ramona Torzsa
Sara Biraghi Mollersten
Kelly Griffiths