Dr Jacques Vignes & Hubert de Tourris

  • From 14 to 16 august 2020
  • 3 registered students

Jacques Vignes: A trained psychiatrist, Jacques Vigne (Vigyânânand) left a lucrative profession to go and live in India and study the subtle relationships between body, mind and soul. A follower of the vedanta Hindu school, he experiments with the meditation processes of the Hindu tradition and confronts them with the data of medical science. He is the author of many books including Healing his soul, Elements of spiritual psychology, The mystique of silence …
His itinerary is unusual: a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, recipient of a grant from the Romain Rolland Foundation and the Maison des sciences de l’homme, he left for India to study the relationships between psychological healing and traditional teaching of yoga. The study trip turned into a crush. He has lived for a decade now in the land of ashrams and Brahmins. A follower of the Vedantine way, he spends much of his time meditating in a Himalayan hermitage. From time to time, he publishes a book and makes a short stay in Europe to share the fruit of his comparative studies between the spiritual approach and the psychotherapeutic approach. Fruits which come to him from his knowledge of various religious traditions and from his personal experience. The man, tall figure and thick beard, has a simple and cheerful welcome. He is very concerned and seems to be little moved by the interest that his readers and some of his peers have in his work. Meeting with a man who, like Father Henri Le Saux, made the big gap between East and West.

Hubert de Tourris (Hamsa) : Yoga teacher for about 15 years, it is very young that he has a mystical experience, connecting the inner world and the outer world. Still a teenager, he did Zen meditation, practiced Do-in techniques (techniques of self massage and postures similar to yoga) and then became interested in martial arts. His life leads him to experiment with music, video in the high mountains and alpine sports. A former ski cameraman living in Chamonix Mont-Blanc since 1989, Hubert shares the point of view of sportspeople who find it hard to let go and relax deeply, as well as those of those looking for spiritual awakening. He accompanies his students on the path of introspection, joining the breath, the body and the mind in a fulfilling union. The observation of the mind through physical practice, the development of concentration and the presence of breath are among the tools he teaches in order to awaken.

Conference by Jacques Vignes Friday August 14 at 8 p.m : 10 euros
Sleep and dreams occupy about a third of our lives. When you know how to do it, they can become a meditative practice. The time we spend looking for sleep or going back to sleep can become very useful in developing our ability to understand, shape and free our own minds. In addition, we will discuss two levels, understand how to interpret, modify and free ourselves from the content of dreams, but also realize that our daily life is a dream from which we have to wake up, and for that work on the experience of lucid dreaming and meditative duplication.

Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th internship on Yoga Psychology : 50 euros per day, or 100 euros for all
Become a better person through action between body and mind.
Even the most subtle mental events have their correspondence in the form of obvious or hidden bodily tensions. The point of understanding this is that we can act on the mind in depth from a perception of the body not only physical, but energetic. This is the basic work of yoga, which does not require any particular metaphysical beliefs, even if it requires an ethic that is improving over the years of practice. Jacques and Hubert will give us multiple accessible technical possibilities to develop this capacity for clear inner vision between body and mind, and open up a space of consciousness, lighter, brighter and which also inspires us to have more sympathy for all beings who go around in circles in their suffering.


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