Inversions & Vinyasa

  • October 16 from 5pm to 7pm
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How to finally understand what to do to have a solid grounding. What are the different actions to be taken to be able to maintain a long-term balance? We are going to experience through various exercises of body cohesion with the connection to the ground. Whether the posture is on the feet, hands or head, the actions are the same and once integrated they apply to all postures.

Improve your jump through and jump back for your vinyasa in the practice of ashtanga vinyasa yoga. A technique that can help in all other styles of yoga to understand the connections between the ground and Mula Bandha.

Book here : Inversions & Vinyasa

Technical explanations on grounding and how to achieve it. Experience the different actions involved in the process of connecting to the earth and practicing body cohesion to keep a strong and stable posture. Gradual, step-by-step work builds a strong, balanced and comfortable posture.

The progressive work of the jump through jump back technique of the ashtanga allows an understanding of the connection between the anchor and Mula Bandha.