Yoga Styles

Turn your senses within

Turn your senses within

What style of yoga?

If you already familiar with the different styles of yoga, you can go directly to the Timetable page. For more information about each style we teach here at Sattva Yoga, please visit the relevant pages or first read the brief descriptions below.

If you are new to yoga we suggest you start with Vinyasa Yoga class Friday 6pm. Or start with one privat lesson. Also note that evening classes are generally more accessible than those in the morning more dynamic.
If you want to start Ashtanga it is advisable to follow the led class before Mysore style course but you can also come to Mysore classes and start directly if you wish. Please visit our page to begin before coming for the first time. Hope to see you soon on the mat!

Conventional classes

Yin Yoga: All levels
A meditative form of Yoga, which allows for letting go, introspection and awareness.
 Development of the course: 5 minutes seated position in each posture with a meditative inner observation.
 * Helps deepen body awareness and connection whilst relaxing the deeper tissues.

Hatha Yoga: All levels except complet beginners
The “classic” yoga style with work on breath and body awareness.
 Development of the course: Sun Salutations and static postures with an emphasis on alignment and breath. The teacher shows and explains the asanas (postures) and adjusts the students.
 * It helps the student to understand the postures and use of breath; It strengthens and softens the body with intention and focus of the mind.

Vinyasa: Evening all levels, morning for advanced students
Linked with body movement to breath, vinyasa can be adapted to all levels.
 Development of the course: Dynamic postural flow with emphasis on awareness of the link between movement and breath. The teacher shows the Asanas and adjusts the students.
 * It helps unite the postures with the breath whilst building endurance, strength and flexibility, keeping the mind focused on the flow of the breath.

Ashtanga: All level for motivated students
It is a sustained Vinyasa.
 Development of the course: There are two ways to teach Ashtanga; Mysore style is the traditional form, in which students practice silently and independently with the advice and personalized adjustments of the teacher. The led class is guided by the count of the teacher with all the students practicing at the same time listening to the teacher and flowing with one breath .
 If you want to start Ashtanga it is advisable to begin with some led classes * A powerful and transformative style of yoga, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Iyengar: All levels
The classes are suspended, we are looking for a qualified teacher.
The teaching of B.K.S Iyengar is based on the extensive practice of asanas and pranayama. Yoga postures are taught with emphasis on alignment and the use of props.
* Helps to learn the alignment in the postures. 

 Kundalini : All levels
The classes are suspended, we are looking for a qualified teacher.
A complete series of exercises that combine dynamic or static postures, breathing work (Pranayama), energy closures (mudra), work on concentration and intent, mantras (sung, mentally recited, listened to), relaxation and meditation.
* Helps to concentrate and develop energy awareness especially at the level of the spine.

Kriya: All levels
Kriya Yoga is the method leading to liberation, Samadhi following practical techniques using concentration and energy. We teach here the greeting to the earth as taught by Guruji, a deep connection to our Mother Earth by mantras recited in held postures that anchor us deeply.
* Helps to anchor, strengthen, develop concentration and energy level.

The specific classes

Teacher adjusting during the class

Teacher adjusting during the class

Core Yoga: All levels for motivated students
Strengthens the abdominal muscles and enhances core strength.
 Development of the course: The teacher directs and shows the exercises.
 * Strengthens the body internally; relieves stress, tension and increases confidence.

Pranayama / Meditation: All levels
Yogic breathing and meditation.
 Development of the course: the teacher explains the specific exercises.
 * Improves breathing and concentration, awareness of Prana (vital energy), develops meditation.

Kids Yoga: Ranging from ages 5-10 years, dependent on the maturity of the child.
The classes will start again when we find a qualified teacher.
An introduction to breathing, concentration, relaxation and adapted postures.
 Development of the course: The teacher guides the children with a playful learning approach, which stimulates the child to recognize body awareness, relaxation and the concept of breath and body movement whilst having fun. It is a gift to offer these tools early on to help enhance the adult experience.

Private Lessons: All levels, best to start with
The private lessons can be one-to-one or in small group. You can practice according to your abilities, it can also be a therapeutic approach or the opportunity to develop specific work on a particular point in your practice.
 Development of the course: This course is fully adapted to the needs of the student.