Hubert is a really pure, genuine and coherent man. Nowadays it’s a rarity to find someone like him.
Umberto Iglina

Hi Hamsa,
Congratulations on your new website. It has a lightness and clarity that is inspiring.
I feel lucky to be part of the sattva yoga chamonix community.
Tania Burgess

It’s almost 8 years since I started with you, thankful for every practice.
I’ll be there tomorrow.
Nadia Michoustina

I really enjoyed the Les Epaules workshop yesteday. Fantastic teacher with a wealth of knowledge and understanding. Thank you
Maudie Johnson

From my own personal experience of Hubert as a teacher, it is his commitment to his students, the community and living the yogic philosophy that installs my strong confidence in him.
He provides consistent classes with unwavering enthusiasm to teach others their limitations, the awareness of the breath, alignment and the broader spectrum of yoga and approach on the mat. 
His dedication to his own practice is evident in his teachings and I have learned and continue to learn a great deal from him…… Thank – you Hubert! Chamonix is incredibly lucky to have you!
Sarah White

Hi Hubert,
I didn’t realise that I wouldn’t see you before I leave tomorrow. I just wanted to say thanks again for your teachings, you always manage to show me new ways that make me grow. I am so grateful for where I am at the moment and realise that yoga is my tool for life, in which I look forward to sharing and teaching others in the near future. I am ready to move on with my personal practice and hope to hear your voice in my practice as well as exploring it independently too, I think you have given me a solid foundation to do this. I would love to help in October but realistically I have other commitments at the moment, so really sorry for that, as I understand you don’t have many people who you can fall back on! I honestly think what you provide Chamonix with is truly special and If I have half of your commitment, patience, humour , dedication and passion as a teacher, I would be happy!
Keep up the great Dharma!! You keep me inspired!
Big love as always Sarah XX

I was in your class for maybe two or three months, almost daily this summer.
Being back in berlin i am on the search of another yoga teacher,
and i had to let you know, that so far, unfortunately, none of the teachers here have come close to how much I liked your classes. I hope everything is well, all the best,

Thank you so very much again for a great and invaluable experience we had learning yoga fr”om you last summer. We have benefitted a great deal from your Yoga Teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and had a very unique experience. I felt I have improved so much, but most of all your knowledge of yoga and anatomy have helped me to recover from my tendinitis. No specialist or doctor I went to cured this.
Hasina Paker

I have done Yoga on and off for almost 16 years. My personal practise has been harder since I moved away from London and relocated to Chamonix Mont-Blanc during the last ten years as I have been enjoying a lot of intensive skiing, mountain biking and trails running.
Few months ago, I have started regularly attending Hubert’s Sattva Hatha, Yin and Core Yoga classes and some of his weekend Ateliers. Hubert has immediately understood my personal needs and has helped me to quickly achieve some encouraging flexibility, suppleness and mental discipline.
I am very grateful to Hubert and very much enjoy taking part in all his classes. Hubert has an immense and precise yoga knowledge, technical ability and a very touching spiritual approach. His classes are challenging but also fun and not too formal. I think Hubert is an excellent and inspiring yoga teacher!
Max Liparoti

I have my own practice in another style of yoga developed over many years, but I go also to Hubert’s classes because he has a depth to his teaching which I appreciate even if it is from a different approach. ‘What is good at Sattva Yoga is that it offers a variety of styles, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Vini Yoga as well as Ashtanga. As David Swenson says …..the world of yoga, with its myriad styles and approaches, may be likened to a forest filled with variety and colour. Every tree in the forest has the same goal, to reach towards the light. One tree’s method is not better than another’s. Each species has individual characteristics which enable it to grow to its greatest potential ….., so a greater choice means more people can experience the benefits of yoga in whichever style suits them best.
Allison Hunter – professeur de Sivananda Yoga

I thank Hubert at Sattva Yoga for giving me and many of my friends a whole new experience of getting a treatment/massage. A treatment we all reflexed on from time to time, even 6 month later. It is such a great feeling you get after the treatment and words can not express the good it does for me. Hubert has a very nice way of going about, I always feel relaxed and confident in his work.
With regards to the Yoga practice, I have unfortunately not had that many opportunities to practice at the Shala, but the few times I have, I have felt a great calmness in the Shala. Hubert has guided me and given me adjustments that made my knee heal.
Keep in mind that I am a Norwegian and live in Norway, but had I lived in Cham, I would have attended classes daily.

Hubert really knows his stuff. He’ll put you in the right position, so you feel the difference. I have learnt a lot through him and always feel good after a session. In short – he’s a true pro.
Bridget Temple – Coach

Hubert is one of the great masters of the ‘seamless’ 90 minute group yoga class! With an accent, rather than an obsession, on breathing, Hubert’s classes provide a smooth flow of postures that are challenging rather than agonizing. Always leading by example, he also moves constantly amongst the students to give personal attention and correction. Stern and serious one minute, he punctuates the classes with humor and his generous smile. Always mindful of the physical limitations of those with injuries or bad knees, He is ultimate practical yoga teacher…and a pleasure to know and work with. I also consider Hubert the best masseur in Chamonix, a ski and sports town with a lot of active athletes. I saw him regularly after a knee replacement operation and he was instrumental in the rehabilitation, or as the French would say, the “re-education” of my knee joint, muscles and tendons. One of the great advantages of massage with Hubert is that he just gets on with the job and does not chatter on with endless talk while working!
Rob Lilley

I started taking classes with Hubert 3 years ago and have been transformed by the practice. I’ve become stronger, thinner, more balanced and flexible. My posture has greatly improved. I also feel more calm, centered and focused.
The quality of the practice depends a lot on the teacher and the knowledge and caring he or she brings to the class. I’ve had several good teachers, but Hubert stands a cut above the best. As a teacher, he is exceptional. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and also caring and attentive, always watching you and offering personalized attention even in a larger class. His instructions are precise and clear, and the classes are very well paced and sequenced. They are easy to follow. Hubert knows alignment to a T and is very good at getting you into poses accurately and safely.
I am always challenged in the class and each time leave feeling stronger, lighter and happier. Practicing with Hubert keeps me strong and healthy. Going to his class is a real treat, so each week I make a one hour trip to Chamonix. Can’t imagine my life without Hubert and Sattva yoga. ”
Nadia – Fashion

Thank you so much and I loved it!!!!
Your massage was the best I ever experienced in my life!
The points you touched felt like doors to my soul and unlocked me besides making me feel so much lighter ^__^
Iolanda Oddo

Hubert, I was going to email you tonight. You’ve been on my mind. I cannot express what a pleasure and blessing it was meeting you. I think your yoga classes saved my life and helped me in the final part of my healing process. I am now inspired to practice Ashtanga daily. I will miss the good energy of Sarah, Sophie, you and the other nice French lady each morning.
I will make Alaska happen. Alaska needs you!!
All of my love and good energy to you my dear friend!
I cannot thank you enough! ”
Courtney Sanborn