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The practice of Yin Yoga was founded, due to the teachings of Paulie Zink, Kung Fu master and teacher of Yin Yoga. His disciple Paul Grilley has largely passed his teachings on. We follow the tradition of Biff Mitheofer and Bernie Clark,  (please see video below) explaining how to practice Yin Yoga. The practice of Yin is very meditative and slow paced which allows for introspection. From a physical point of view we stay about 5 minutes in each posture, releasing tension and relaxation occurs of the deep tissues naturally with each breath. It is a beneficial style for people who have trouble letting go, or who have stiffness within the body.

No prior experience is necessary, nor registration, this style of yoga is totally accessible to everybody. We recommend you view the video below to maximize your practice. You find the timetable of the courses here. Thank you to consult our page to begin before coming for the first time. Hope to see you soon on the mat!

Here is the presentation of a practice of Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark: