Classical Rudraksha Mala 108


Very beautiful Mala 108 Rubrashka seed beads with a knot between each bead to facilitate japa.

Rudrashka beads have been worn by yogis and saints in India at least since the 11th century. The term Rudrashka literally means the third eye or tears of Shiva. Rudrashkas, often referred to as “miracle pearls” are highly revered in India as one of the most sacred items among all items endowed with many mystical powers. Yogis and monks have found that simply wearing Rudrashka prayer beads has given them amazingly great tranquility as well as great concentration which has enabled them to meditate for long hours with spectacular mind control. Rudrashkas are also said to help maintain health and provide protection, gain self-reliance, fulfill all desires and wishes, and achieve all ambitions and goals.

Suggested Mantras for this Mala:
Om Namah Shivaya

Malas correspond to the deity: SHIVA



Nous pouvons garantir que nos Malas en Rudraksha sont fabriqués avec des véritables graines 5 facettes. Chaque graine est différente l’une de l’autre, ce qui n’est pas possible avec des graines en plastique moulé. Nous fabriquons avec amour nos Malas depuis près de 20 ans, les Malas sont sacrés.

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