Copper cup


Yogis and traditional households in India have been using an effective and practical method of drinking water in the most holistic way for thousands of years: with a copper cup!
Yogis consider copper tumblers to be the ideal cup to give a positive charge to water before drinking it. The yogis then carry the water in their goblet called Kamandalam. In traditional households in India, copper drinking cups such as the one we offer are still used today.

Drink copper water in the morning for healthy joints


How to use the copper cup:
Fill the cup with water in the evening, leave it overnight, and drink the water the next morning. From a scientific point of view, the water absorbed the pure copper from the copper cup and assimilated its vibrations. Copper is a mineral whose form is essential to the human body.
Material: 100% copper.
Capacity: about 0.25 liters.

For healthy joints drink some copper water every morning