Ayurveda is a holistic and natural approach to health. It believes that each person is a microcosm of the Universe; and like the Universe made up of five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether). These five elements are “grouped” in each of us into three doshas: Vata(air/ether), Pitta (fire/water) and Kapha (water/earth). Each one of us is made up of a unique combination of these elements; each one of us own a unique dosha.

By understanding who we are based on the doshas, we know best how to maintain and improve our health. When the doshas are balanced, mind and spirit of the body is in harmony and the mind is at peace. When the doshas become imbalanced (either accumulated or weakened) due to inappropriate diet or stress, one can become ill. Brining balance back to the doshas can help restore and maintain health. Everyone has three doshas but a certain combination is more predominant. A dosha consultation provides you with the knowledge of your dosha and how Ayurveda can help bring the doshas in balance. The 60 minute session (60min 60€) consists of an in-depth questionnaire, which helps determine your Prakriti (constitution) and Vikriti (the current state of the doshas). Knowing your dosha can help you make the right choices in your exercise, diet and daily routine and massage.

“Let food be the medicine,” said Hippocrates, thus formulating one of the foundational principles of holistic health. This approach has been originally formulated by Ayurveda.

After your Dosha consultation you can have massage rendez-vous or go further into the ayurvedic diet process having a special diet consultation (60min 60€).

Following your own Ayurvedic diet is not as difficult as it may seem. It does not require you to eat exotic foods or limit your choices to curry dishes. The concept of Ayurveda is that each person has her or his foods and lifestyle needs. In Ayurveda food choices are customized according to one’s dosha (metabolism and constitution). So, when diets say that carbs are “bad,” and grapefruits are “good,” it does not apply to everyone. This is why fad diets fail in the long run. An Ayurvedic approach allows you to structure your diet based on the foods that are right for you, with fresh, seasonal locally grown foods being the best choice. Ayurveda has always had an individualized approach to nutrition. An Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation offers personalized nutritional guidance according to your dosha, and several other factors such as age, the strength of the body tissues and digestive fires, and the level of ama (toxins) in the body.

Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation and Plan (60min 60€) Follow ups : once a month for 6 months Changing eating habits can be a struggle.

The mind thinks that habits are a part of us, this is why it is hard to give them up. Therefore, we will start small and take one step at a time, making small, but resolute changes which will bring a lasting transformation and improve your energy, balance and health.