Kriya Yoga

Shailendra Sharma

Kriya Yoga is a very old yoga that was reintroduced in India by Lahiri Mahasaya who, himself, received the initiation by Babaji. Kriya Yoga accelerates spiritual evolution, and causes a deep state of serenity and communion with divinity.
It was popularized in the West by Paramahansa Yogananda, thanks to his book Autobiography of a Yogi (1946-1951). The training is done directly with a master.
Different lineages were created from the many initiations, but the energetic transmission was passed from the master to the disciple who was chosen to continue the direct lineage. Mahavatar Babaji taught to Lahiri Mahasaya, who passed on to his son who transmitted to his own son, the energetic transmission can not go beyond three generations in the same family so Shailendra Sharma was chosen today to be the holder of the transmission of the energetic lineage and knowledge. The complete practice of Kriya is transmitted only from the Guru to the disciple.

Kriya Yoga is the method leading to liberation, Samadhi following practical techniques using concentration and energy. It involves acts of self-purification, self-analysis and self-awareness development. An advanced practice of Pranayama combined with mudras. The high, subtle and intense part of Yoga that leads to Samadhi.

We teach the salutation to the earth as taught by Guruji, a deep connection to our Mother Earth by mantras recited in held postures that anchor us deeply.

Here is the practice of Prithvi Namaskar : Prithvi-Namaskar

Here is a video example of this earth salutation in a video authorized by Guruji :